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Thank you for your interest in considering a postgraduate research degree program at the University of Moratuwa.

This is an open call for Expression of Interest (EoI) in applying for a postgraduate research degree program and is not an application. It will serve as a preliminary screening process where the University will be able to identify prospective candidates for suitability.

If you submit an EoI, it will be forwarded to the relevant department who will contact you for further discussions if your profile matches with available research opportunities.

You may submit an EoI at any time of the year.

For further information please email to: ar-fgs@uom.lk

Research Degree Programs at the University of Moratuwa

The University of Moratuwa offers the following research degree programs:

  • Master of Science (with a major component of research), a 1 year, full time (or 2 years part time) program - MSc.
  • Master of Philosophy, 2 years, full-time (or 3 years, part-time) program - MPhil.
  • Doctor of Philosophy, 3 years, full-time (or 4 years part-time) program - Ph.D.

You may choose to carry out your research within any of the twelve (12)Departments of the Faculty of Engineering, four (4) Departments of the Faculty of Architecture, three (3) Departments of the Faculty of Information Technology, or three (3) Departments of the Faculty of Business.

Before you submit your EoI

Before you submit an EoI for a research degree program at the University of Moratuwa you are advised to review the following relevant information:

Submitting your EoI

If you have chosen a few potential research areas, and preferably supervisors, you may go on to complete the online EoI.

The following supporting documents will be required

  • Scanned academic transcript(s) that establish your eligibility
  • Scanned certificates of any professional qualifications that you have indicated in your application

You may save and exit the online EoI at any time. If you do so, you will be assigned an EoI Reference Number, which you can use to recommence your EoI at a later time.

EoIs may be submitted at any time.

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