About the Faculty

Welcome to the Faculty of Graduate Studies!

The Faculty of Graduate Studies was established in January 2015, with the goal of enhancing the University's research degree programs. High-quality research has become as important as teaching, to gain better international recognition and competitiveness. Research, being the cornerstone of an academic career, is a key factor in retaining the high-caliber academics that the University is home to. The University offers three research degrees, Master of Science (with a major component of research), Master of Philosophy (MPhil.), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) through its Architecture, Business, Engineering, Information Technology and Medicine faculties.

The Joint PhD Program

The FGS was instrumental in establishing a joint PhD program with foreign universities as part of the strategy to strengthen our PhD program. The first few PhD students are well on their way in this program, which enables them to carry out their research under the guidance of a team of supervisors from both universities, and obtain a single PhD from both. Our intentions with this program is to provide opportunities for international research collaboration to our academic staff, and to enable our graduate students to experience different cultures and research experiences. We plan to further consolidate our joint PhD program while increasing the number of partner universities and participating students.

Multidisciplinary Research Centers

The FGS supports ten of Multidisciplinary Research Centers (MRCs). These facilitate synergistic collaboration among different faculties and departments, as well as with other local and foreign universities and industry. Research areas of the MRCs cut across and bring together the entire domain of expertise of the University in a variety of combinations. While the University provided seed funding for the MRCs at its inception in 2017, subsequently they have been able to attract significant research funding from external sources.
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Hosting Reputed Academics

This enables our researchers to invite distinguished academics for short visits, with a vision for long-term collaboration. The collaboration established/strengthened during the visit is expected to be sustained thereafter. The expected outcome of this activity is to elevate the publication profile of the University of Moratuwa through joint publications in reputed journals.

International Conferences and Symposia

We also support the University to host international conferences which bring together the global community in specific areas of research.
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Faculty Board Members

Prof. Ajith De Alwis (Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies)
Prof. Jagath Munasinghe (Council Nominee under Section 5f)
Prof. (Mrs.) Niranjanie Rathnayake (Senate Nominee)
Dr. Sankalpa Gamwarige (Senate Nominee)
Dr. Asanka Rodrigo (Chairman, BoS/RD/FGS for Faculty of Engineering
Chairman, BoS/RD/Multidisciplinary Research/FGS)
Dr. (Mrs.) Sachie Gunatilake (Chairperson, BoS/RD/ Faculty of Architecture)
Dr. (Mrs.) Subha Fernando (Chairperson, BoS/RD/Faculty of Information Technology)
Dr. Loshaka Perera (Nominee, Faculty of Engineering)
Prof. (Mrs.) Yasangika Sandanayake (Dean, Faculty of Architecture)
Dr. (Mrs.) Surangika Ranathunga (Nominee, Faculty of Engineering)
Dr. Anjula De Silva (Council Nominee under Section 5d/Chairman UERC)
Prof. Dinesh Samarasinghe (Dean’s Nominee, Faculty of Business)
Prof. KTMU Hemapala (Dean, Faculty of Engineering)
Mr. B.H. Sudantha (Dean, Faculty of Information technology)
Prof. (Mrs.) Vathsala Wickramasinghe (Council Nominee under Section 5d)
Prof. Asoka Karunananda (Council Nominee under Section 5d)
Dr. Lochandaka Ranatunga (Nominee, Faculty of Information Technology
Mr. Methsiri Suwandarachchi (Chairman, BoS/RD/ Faculty of Business)
Prof. (Mrs.) Dileeka Dias  (Former Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies – On Invitation)
Prof. Ruwan Gopura (Director-Research –On Invitation)
Dr. Nayani Gunawardhana (Senior Assistant Librarian –On Invitation)

FGS Staff

Prof. Ajith De Alwis

Ms. Thinesha Nanayakkara

Ms. Sandeepanie Pavithra

Mr. Akash Lokuliyanage

Mr. Isuru Peiris

Ms. Nishanga Amashi

Past Deans

Prof. Dileeka Dias

Prof. Dileeka Dias

20/01/2015 to 19/01/2021